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Laser Mirror Substrates

Laser Optics

Laser Mirror Substrates, also referred to as Laser Mirror Blanks, are coated with either a dielectric or metallic coating and are used as laser mirrors. These mirror substrates feature high surface quality and surface flatness to prevent reduced performance due to localized surface defects. Common materials for Laser Mirror Substrates include N-BK7 and UV Grade Fused Silica, as well as ZERODUR® for applications that experience temperature fluctuations.

Edmund Optics offers standard sizes of plano and curved surface Laser Mirror Substrates. Our plano Laser Mirror Substrates are available as either circular or rectangular shapes, in standard imperial sizes. Uncoated Concave Mirrors are offered in multiple diameters, with a range of focal lengths, to meet application requirements. Please contact us if your application requires a custom metallic or dielectric coating on our Laser Mirror Substrates.


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