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    Wavelength (nm)
    Type of Illumination

    Fluorescent Illumination

    Fluorescent Illumination is used to provide illumination to a number of optical or imaging applications such as spectroscopy or inspection. Fluorescent Illumination consists of a range of illumination products including line lights, backlights, or ring lights that use fluorescent bulbs to produce bright, even illumination for applications’ needs. Fluorescent Illumination is ideal for lighting dark or shadowed objects due to the even illumination uniformly lighting the given object or surface.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Fluorescent Illumination products suited for many illumination needs. Fluorescent Illumination products generally feature long operating lifetimes that make them reliable lighting products for most environments or settings. Fluorescent Illumination is also ideal for fluorescence microscopy applications, as many materials fluoresce when lit by Fluorescent Illumination. A selection of LED replacement illumination products is also available for upgrading or replacing obsolete Fluorescent Illumination. LED replacement illumination features longer operating lifetimes along with multiple color options.

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    LED Ring Light Illuminators
    • Large Inner Diameters for Easy Mounting
    • 6400K Color Temperature
    • Sectional Light Control and Polarizer/Analyzer Models Available

    Metaphase Technologies LED Backlights
    • 2X Brighter than Cold Cathode Fluorescent Backlights
    • No Warm-Up Time
    • Flicker-Free LED Illumination

    Metaphase Technologies LED Linear Lights
    • Perfect Replacement for Linear Fluorescent Lamps
    • Very Diffuse, Isotropic Output
    • 3X the Brightness of Typical Fluorescent Illumination

    Metaphase Technologies Wide Beam LED Spot Light
    • 6X Brighter than a 60W Incandescent Floodlight
    • Low Power Consumption
    • Flicker-Free LED Illumination


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