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Wavelength (nm)
Type of Illumination

    Specialty Illumination

    Specialty Illumination is used to provide illumination capabilities not typically offered by other illumination products or for specialized, specific applications. Specialty Illumination contains products that either provide specific types of illumination not normally provided by most general illuminators or are specialized tools designed for very specific imaging applications.

    Advanced Illumination LED Pattern Projectors
    Advanced Illumination LED Pattern Projectors
    • Multiple Wavelength Options Available
    • Equip C-Mount Imaging Lenses to Control Illumination Geometry
    • Ideal for 3D Reconstruction and Mapping
    Broadband Fiber-Coupled Light Sources
    Broadband Fiber-Coupled Light Sources
    • Designed for Use with Spectrometers
    • Lamps Available for UV to NIR
    • Xenon, Tungsten, or Deuterium Sources
    Coherent® StingRay™ and BioRay™ Laser Diode Modules
    Coherent® StingRay™ and BioRay™ Laser Diode Modules
    • External Focus with up to 100mW Output Power
    • Auto Scaling Input Power 5 - 24VDC with Reverse Polarity Protection
    • Built-In Microcontroller for Fault Monitor
    • Coherent® StingRay™ Developer's Kit also available
    Coherent® StingRay™ Developer's Kit
    Coherent® StingRay™ Developer's Kit
    • Includes 660 and 520nm StingRay™ Lasers
    • Ideal for Experimentation and Prototyping
    • Enables Quick Evaluation of Structured Light Laser System
    • Individual StingRay™ Laser Diodes Available
    Lumencor® Light Engines
    Lumencor® Light Engines
    • Powerful Solid State Sources With Zero Warm Up or Cool Down Periods
    • SOLA Light Engines Produce Continuous White Light from 380 – 680nm
    • Spectra X Light Engines Offer Ultrafast Switching of Six Independent Color Bands
    Telecentric Backlight Illuminators
    TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. Learn More

    Telecentric Backlight Illuminators
    • Optically Collimated Light for Increased Edge Contrast
    • Superior Collimation Ideal for use with Telecentric Lenses
    • Easily Compatible with 8mm Coaxial LEDs or ¼” (0.312”) Fiber Light Guides


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