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Shelby Ament

My role in Research and Development allows me to connect with many different parts of our company, from optical design to business development to manufacturing and metrology. I enjoy tackling open-ended questions, but also find it rewarding to develop a proof of concept all the way into a production-ready process. It’s a fun balance to embrace novel new technologies while always thinking about the customer need and the practical details required for implementation.Right Quotation Mark

Shelby Ament is a Research and Development Engineer at the Barrington, NJ USA office. She started at Edmund Optics as a summer intern in 2015, and joined Edmund Optics’ Engineering Leadership Program in August 2016. Through this program she rotated through Product Support and shadowed various departments, gaining a broad understanding of the company. Shelby holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics from DePauw University and a PhD in Optical Science from the University of Arizona’s College of Optical Sciences. Her dissertation involved design and fabrication of holograms to improve performance of solar energy systems.


My Biggest Accomplishment

I am proud of my contributions to cylinder lens development, which has involved working with colleagues in different states and countries. This project has pushed me to improve my communication skills and contribute as a teammate.

Published Articles

  • 2018 – "Nuances in Optical Design for Manufacturing" by Katie Schwertz and Shelby Ament – Photoncis Spectra, December 2018
  • 2017 - "Statistical simplex approach to primary and secondary color correction in thick lens assemblies" by Shelby V. Ament and Richard N. Pfisterer - International Optical Design Conference, Optical Society of America
  • 2016 - "Diffractive Optical Element design for lateral spectrum splitting photovoltaics" by Shelby D. Vorndran - The University of Arizona
  • 2016 - "Off-axis holographic lens spectrum-splitting photovoltaic system for direct and diffuse solar energy conversion" by Shelby D. Vorndran, et al. - Applied optics 55.27: 7522-7529
  • 2016 - "Comparison of holographic lens and filter systems for lateral spectrum splitting" by Shelby Vorndran, Benjamin Chrysler, and Raymond K. Kostuk - NEXT GENERATION TECHNOLOGIES FOR SOLAR ENERGY CONVERSION VII
  • 2015 - "Broadband Gerchberg-Saxton algorithm for freeform diffractive spectral filter design" by Shelby Vorndran, et al. - Optics express 23.24: A1512-A1527
  • 2015 - "Holographic diffraction‐through‐aperture spectrum splitting for increased hybrid solar energy conversion efficiency" by Shelby Vorndran, et al. - International Journal of Energy Research 39.3: 326-335
  • 2014 - "Holographic spectral beamsplitting for increased organic photovoltaic conversion efficiency" by Shelby Vorndran, et al. - SPIE Organic Photonics+ Electronics: 918423-918423
  • 2013 - "Hybrid photovoltaic/daylighting module for greenhouse environmental control" by Shelby Vorndran, et al. - SPIE Optical Engineering+ Applications, International Society for Optics and Photonics
  • 2012 - "Radiometric ratio characterization for low-to-mid CPV modules operating in variable irradiance conditions" by Shelby Vorndran, et al. - SPIE Solar Energy+ Technology: 846806-846806

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