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7X Precision Zoom Lenses

  • New Motorized Versions Available
  • Compatible with Mitutoyo Objectives
  • 7:1 Zoom Ratio

The 7X Precision Zoom Lenses are high quality modular video lenses that provide high resolution and large depth of field. Available in visible and near-infrared versions, these lenses offer configuration flexibility and versatility. For applications that require higher magnification, auxilary lenses or Mitutoyo objectives may be attached to the bottom of the zoom system. The various configurations allow for primary magnifications from 1.1X to 256X and working distances from 89mm to 13mm.

A complete optical system requires the following components: TV Tube, Upper Zoom Module, and Lower Module. TV tubes have standard C-Mount threading and are focusable to ensure parfocality. The upper zoom modules are equipped with a manual iris. The focusable lower modules allow for 10mm of internal focus. The Mitutoyo focusable lower modules allow for 5mm of internal focus and have both coarse and fine adjustments. The focusability of the lower modules allows for slight variations in working distance and magnification. Coaxial lower modules accept a 0.187" ferrule diameter and are optimized for 1/8" bundles.

An optional ring light adapter (#56-634) allows mounting of a ring light guide (#54-173) to the lens (not compatible with Mitutoyo Lower Modules). RMS adapter allows the use of other infinity corrected objectives with Mitutoyo lower modules. 2.0X conversion lens allows the standard auxiliary lenses to be mounted to the Mitutoyo lower modules. Mounting clamp can be mounted to our rack and pinion movements and our ¼-20 mounting plates via a ¼-20 tapped hole.

Note: Infinity corrected objectives limit system's usable zoom range due to uneven illumination. Max sensor format is 2/3".

Motorized Zoom Package includes: non-modular motorized zoom module with lower module, stepping motor drive, Hall-Effect sensors junction box, 110V adapter for driver, lens mounting plate, software disk, and all connecting cables. Driver has manual mode for separate speed and direction control of each motor or RS-232 mode with basic dual-motor software for home, limits, destination, and saved/current position control. 

Technical Information

Auxilary Lens Specifications
TV Tube
1.0X, 89mm WD (no auxiliary lens) NA 0.024 0.080 0.024 0.080
PMAG 1.1X 7.9X 1.5X 10.5X
FOV* 5.6mm 0.81mm 4.2mm 0.61mm
1.5X, 53mm WD NA 0.036 0.12 0.036 0.12
PMAG 1.7X 11.8X 2.3X 15.7X
FOV* 3.7mm 0.54mm 2.8mm 0.40mm
2.0X, 35mm WD NA 0.048 0.16 0.048 0.16
PMAG 2.3X 15.7X 3.0X 21.0X
FOV* 2.8mm 0.40mm 2.1mm 0.30mm

*FOV = Horizontal Field of View calculated for ½" format Sensor

Mitutoyo Objective
1.5X TV Tube
2.0X TV Tube
FOV Range* Min. Zoom Setting FOV Range* Min. Zoom Setting
5X 2.3 - 0.33mm 1.15X 1.7 - 0.25mm 1.0X
10X 1.1 - 0.16mm 1.15X 0.88 - 0.12mm 1.0X
20X 0.56 - 0.084mm 1.35X 0.44 - 0.063mm 1.0X
50X 0.23 - 0.033mm 1.15X 0.17 - 0.025mm 1.0X

*FOV = Horizontal Field of View calculated for ½" format Sensor

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