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Allied Vision Pike FireWire.b Cameras

  • Designed for High Speed Applications
  • HD and VGA to 5MP Options Available
  • 16 Bit High SNR Mode

The Allied Vision Pike family of cameras takes full advantage of the benefits of the IEEE-1394.b format. The 800 Mbits/s transfer rate of IEEE-1394.b enables the cameras to have fast frame rates, high resolutions and increased sensitivity. These cameras feature a high SNR, 16 bit mode for low light level applications. At VGA resolution, frame rates up to 202 fps are obtainable. For applications that require higher resolution, HD (1928 x 1084 pixels), 4MP (2056 x 2062 pixels) and 5MP (2452 x 2054) versions are available. For convenience, the 1394.b/FireWire signal format is reverse compatible with the 400Mbits/s 1394.a/FireWire format. Each model can be used with both PC and Linux through the included drivers, Direct FirePackage (WDM Drivers) and Fire4Linux. Each camera includes a FireWire cable. Drive and SDK can be downloaded from Allied Vision website. An optional ¼-20 mounting adapter is also available.

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