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Fixed Focus Green Laser Modules

  • Modulatable up to 10kHz
  • Compact Size with Integrated Single Unit Design
  • High Brightness with up to 15mW of Output Power

These diode-pumped solid state Fixed Focus Green Laser Modules are available with output powers ranging from 0.9 - 15mW. The turn-key design with integrated optics and electronics in a single package is suitable for a variety of plug and play operations. These laser modules provide high brightness circular output beams, and are ideal for many OEM applications. Line and cross hair output beams can be achieved with optional interchangeable projection heads.

Note: Power supply and mounting bracket are sold separately.

Each Fixed Focus Green Laser Module provides a circular beam and stabilized output power, and can operate in either CW or modulated mode. These laser modules easily plug into the 5V DC power supply (sold separately) via standard DC jack, and have two additional wire leads for TTL signal to operate in modulation mode. Each laser module can be integrated with the optional interchangeable projection heads. The projection head can be fixed to the laser module via two set screws at the front face of the module.

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