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Tunable Spectral Light Engines

  • Full Spectrum Control with 10 Independent 12-Bit Channels
  • Maximum Spectral Precision, Accuracy, and Repeatability
  • Tunable Light Color Using Included Easy-To-Use Software

Tunable Spectral Light Engines are versatile LED illuminators for scientific applications. The light engines feature patented technology, including an optical sensor and feedback loop correction system providing spectral precision, accuracy, and stability over time. These optical systems deliver white light or any visible spectrum through modulation of the 10 LED-channels, each centered at a different wavelength with a depth of 12 bits (4096 steps). Tunable Spectral Light Engines come complete with user-friendly software allowing for precise control of each LED channel and easily defining a spectrum. An IP67 carrying case, C-Mount adapter, and power supply are included with each Light Engine. A full API is also available if required.

Note: Tunable Spectral Light Engines are compatible with EO's full range of fiber optic light guides using the included C-mount adapter (#11-283), a C-Mount Light Guide Mounting Adapter (#53-047), and a matching fiber optic adapter (PID #2112).

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