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UV Curing Chamber

UV Curing Chamber

UV Curing Chamber UV Curing Chamber
  • Up to 250mW/cm2 Output @ 365nm
  • Large 30cm2 Curing Area
  • Plug-and-Play with Controllable UV Power

The UV Curing Chamber is a safe, plug-and-play solution for semi-autonomous UV curing. This chamber features 25 LEDs that provide homogenous UV light for reliable, repeatable curing with up to 250mW/cm2 irradiance. The large 30cm2 cure tray can be secured in 5 different positions within the chamber to change the working distance based on curing requirements. The UV Curing Chamber, with peak output wavelength of 365nm, is designed for curing UV adhesives, such as Norland Optical Adhesives, used in optical or opto-electronic assemblies. A digital controller on the outside of the chamber allows for UV power adjustment and set cure times up to 100 minutes.

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