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Long Wave UV Quartz Pencil Lamp

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Note: This item requires accessories for use | Learn More
Power Supply:
Required for operation. Power supply is not included (#70-298 - 115V, #58-146 - 220V)
Wavelength (nm):
Output Power Density (mW/cm2):
Dimensions (mm):
Tube Diameter 9.5, Tube Length 53
Handle Inner Diameter 7.9, Handle Outer Diameter 9.5
Total Length (mm):
Weight (g):

Regulatory Compliance


Product Family Description

  • Short Wave and Long Wave UV Options Available
  • Power Supply Sold Separately
  • UV Light Shields Sold Separately

These quartz pencil lamps are small, low-pressure, mercury-vapor discharge lamps made of double-bore material with both electrodes at one end. They are very stable lamps and maintain a high output of ultraviolet radiation. They have a spectral emission consisting of many well-separated lines in the ultraviolet and visible portions of the spectrum. They are widely used as spectral calibration sources in spectroscopy, chromatography, and photometry.

Note: A 24" cord set with plug is provided for attachment to the Power Supply. Power supply (#70-298) is not included and sold separately. The UV Light Shields (compatible with #58-146) are sold separately.

Power Supply

Separately-housed power supply for efficient operation of the UV pencil lamps above. Dimensions are 4.5" L x 4" W x 3.13" H. The net weight is 5 lbs. The metal housing is provided with an on/off switch, rubber feet, a 7.5 ft power cord, and a 3 ft secondary lamp cord.

UV Light Shields for Short Wave Lamp (#40-759) only

Shield A has a 1mm inner diameter drilled hole. Shield B has a 7.9mm x 15.9mm aperture, and Shield C has a 4.8mm x 38.2mm aperture.

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