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Partially-Telecentric 7X Zoom Lens

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Primary Magnification PMAG:
0.25X - 0.5X
Maximum Sensor Format:
Aperture (f/#):
f/4.3 - f/32
Working Distance (mm):
182 - 577.2
Telecentric Lens
Distortion (%):
<1.7 on 1.1" Sensor
Horizontal Field of View, 1.1" Sensor:
50.3-25.4mm @ 182mm WD, 0.253-0.5X
181.4-90.8mm @ 577.5mm WD, 0.071-0.14X
Horizontal Field of View, 2/3" Sensor:
34.9-17.7mm @ 182mm WD, 0.253-0.5X
125.1-63.1mm @ 577.5mm WD, 0.071-0.14X
Horizontal Field of View, 1/2" Sensor:
12.8-25.3mm @ 182mm WD, 0.253-0.5X
45.7-90.1mm @ 577.5mm WD, 0.071-0.14X
Filter Thread:
M62 x 0.75
Length (mm):
Maximum Diameter (mm):
Magnification: 0.07X-0.5X
Telecentric Range: 0.25X-0.5X
Center to Corner: >100 lp/mm

Regulatory Compliance


Product Family Description

  • Maintains Telecentricity from 0.25X - 0.5X
  • Variable Working Distance Range
  • Center to Corner Resolution >100 lp/mm

Designed with flexibility in mind, the Partially-Telecentric 7X Zoom Lens is the ideal choice for a number of measurement and gauging applications. Featuring a full zoom range from 0.07X - 0.5X this lens will maintain its telecentric nature from 0.25X - 0.5X. The Partially-Telecentric Zoom Lens is ideal for selecting an exact field of view for system optimization. Covering up to a 1.1” sensor, all but the largest C-Mount camera sensors can be covered and with greater than 70% relative illumination.

Technical Information

Working Distance vs. Field of View
Working Distance Zoom Range Magnification 1.1" Sensor ⅔" Sensor ½" Sensor
(minimum working distance)
Minimum 0.253X 48.7mm 34.9mm 25.3mm
Maximum 0.50X 24.6mm 17.7mm 12.8mm
300.0mm Minimum 0.141X 87.5mm 62.5mm 45.4mm
Maximum 0.278X 44.0mm 31.6mm 23.0mm
(maximum working distance)
Minimum 0.071X 175.2mm 125.0mm 90.1mm
Maximum 0.14X 88.0mm 63.1mm 45.7mm

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