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Aspheric Lenses

Custom and
Volume Manufacturing

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Glass Polished Glass Polished
  • Applications Requiring the Highest Precision Performance
Infrared Infrared
  • Diffraction Limited Performance in the Infrared
Glass Molded Glass Molded
  • Small Diameter Lenses for Laser Collimation and Focusing
Color Corrected Color Corrected
  • Performance Over a Broad Wavelength Range
Condenser Lenses Condenser Lenses
  • Low Cost Alternative to Precision Aspheric Lenses
TECHSPEC® Plastic Hybrid Aspheric Lenses Plastic Molded
  • Weight Sensitive Wearable Applications

Custom Aspheres

Manufacturing in US and Singapore

Stock and Custom, from Design and Prototype to Volume Production

MRF Fine Finishing Consistently Exceeding λ/40 Surface Accuracy

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The Making of an Aspheric Lens

Edmund Optics® manufacturers millions of optics every year throughout our four global facilities. Join us as we take you through the creation of an aspheric lens, from molding to grinding to polishing, centering, and metrology.

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More Information About Aspheres

Aspheric Lenses, also known as Aspherical Lenses, are used to eliminate spherical aberration in a range of applications, including barcode scanners, laser diode collimation, or OEM or R&D integration. Aspheric lenses utilize a single element design which helps minimize the number of lenses found in multi-lens optical assemblies. Said another way, unlike conventional lenses with a spherical front surface, aspheric lenses have a more complex front surface that gradually changes in curvature from the center of the lens out of the edge of the lens. This reduction in total element count not only helps decrease system size or weight, but also simplifies the assembly process. Integrating aspheres into an application such as focusing the output of a laser diode may not only decrease total cost, but may also outperform assemblies designed with traditional spherical optical lenses.

Comparison of Spherical and Aspheric surface profiles
Figure 1: Comparison of Spherical and Aspheric surface profiles
Figure 1: Spherical aberration in a Spherical Lens (left) vs an Aspheric Lens (right)
Figure 2: Spherical aberration in a Spherical Lens (left) vs an Aspheric Lens (right)



What are aspheric condenser lenses?

Aspheric condenser lenses are a specific type of optical lens called an asphere, ideal for condensing or focusing incident light rays for illumination and collimation applications. While spherical lenses are lenses that take the form of the shape of a sphere intersected by a plane, aspheres or aspheric lenses are lenses with a non-spherical surface profile. For more information on aspheres, read All About Aspheric Lenses.