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Transmissive Diffraction Gratings

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II-VI LightSmythâ„¢ Transmission Diffraction Gratings New
II-VI LightSmythâ„¢ Transmission Diffraction Gratings
  • High Diffraction Efficiency (>94% Absolute) and Low Scatter
  • Polarization Independent and Single Polarization Optimized Gratings
  • Robust Inorganic Materials for Superior Power Handling and Reliability
  • Designs for NIR Wavelengths between 800 - 1800nm
Transmission Gratings Transmission Gratings
  • Low Polarization Sensitivity
  • Ideal for In-Line Configurations
UV Transmission Gratings UV Transmission Gratings
  • Multiple Diffraction Angles Available
  • UV Grade Fused Silica Substrate
  • Ideal for Fixed Grating Applications
Transmission Grating Beamsplitters Transmission Grating Beamsplitters
  • Ideal for Laser Beam Division
  • Designed for 0 Degree AOI
  • Low Groove Density for Maximized Beam Separation

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