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    USB Cameras

    USB Cameras are imaging cameras that use USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 technology to transfer image data. USB Cameras are designed to easily interface with dedicated computer systems by using the same USB technology that is found on most computers. The accessibility of USB technology in computer systems as well as the 480 Mb/s transfer rate of USB 2.0 makes USB Cameras ideal for many imaging applications. An increasing selection of USB 3.0 Cameras is also available with data transfer rates of up to 5 Gb/s.

    Edmund Optics offers a variety of USB Cameras suited to meet many imaging needs. EO USB Cameras are available in both CMOS as well as CCD sensor types making them suitable across a larger range of applications. USB Cameras contain out-of-the-box functionality for quick setup and software is available to download for most models. USB Cameras using low power USB ports, such as on a laptop, may require a separate power supply for operation.

    Allied Vision Mako USB 3.0 Cameras
    • Compact Housing with Form Factor of 49.5 x 29 x 29mm
    • Powered Over USB 3.0 Interface
    • High Frame Rates
    • Screw Locks Ensure Safe Electrical Connections

    FLIR Blackfly® S Polarization Cameras
    • Feature Sony’s Polarization Image Sensor
    • Four-Directional Polarizers Formed on Chip
    • PoE GigE and USB 3 Versions Available

    Basler ace USB 3.0 Cameras
    • High Speed USB 3.0 Interface
    • Ultra-Small Form Factor
    • Fully USB3 Vision Compliant

    Basler PowerPack Microscopy Cameras
    • High Performance Cameras Featuring State-of-the-Art CMOS Sensors
    • Professional Software for Image Acquisition and Analysis Included
    • Unique Advanced Image Enhancement and Color Adjustment Technology
    • Various Plug-and-Play Microscopy Packages Available

    EO Auto-Focus µ-Video™ Lens Cameras
    • Accept Most Standard M12 μ-Video™ Imaging Lenses
    • 0.4 and 5.0 MegaPixel Options Available
    • Focus and Auto-Focus Available Through Included Software

    EO USB 2.0 Board Level Cameras
    • High Resolution
    • Standard M12 x 0.5 Lens Mount
    • Software SDK Included
    • Adjustable Frame Rate via Binning, Sub-sampling or AOI

    EO USB 2.0 CCD Machine Vision Cameras

    EO USB 2.0 CMOS Machine Vision Cameras
    • Ultra-Compact Housing
    • Progressive Scan
    • Adjustable Frame Rate via Binning, Sub-sampling or AOI
    • Powerful Easy to Use Software Interface

    EO USB 3.0 CMOS Machine Vision Cameras
    • Compact 29 x 29 x 29mm Design
    • USB 3.0 Interface for Maximum Data Transfer Speed
    • Lightweight Magnesium Housing
    • PoE Models Also Available

    EO USB 3.1 CMOS Machine Vision Cameras
    • USB 3.1 = Higher Transfer Rates up to 5 Gbps
    • Features a Reversible USB Type-C Connector
    • Compact Housing: 47 x 46 x 26.3mm

    FLIR Blackfly® S USB3 Cameras
    • Ultra-Compact Design
    • USB 3.0 Connectivity for Increased Image Transfer Rate
    • USB3 Vision and GenICam Compliant

    FLIR Blackfly® USB 3.0 Cameras
    • Ultra-Compact Design
    • USB 3.0 Connectivity for Increased Image Transfer Rate
    • Includes Image Capture Software and SDK

    FLIR Chameleon® USB 2.0 Camera
    • High Quality 1.3 MP Sony® EXview HAD CCD®
    • Ultra-Compact and Lightweight
    • General Purpose I/O for Trigger and Strobe

    FLIR Chameleon®3 USB 3.0 Cameras
    • USB 3.0 Connectivity
    • Lightweight Construction
    • Compact Design

    FLIR Flea®3 USB 3.0 Cameras
    • Compact 29 x 29 x 30mm Design
    • Captures Images at up to 150fps
    • Image Capture Software and ¼-20 Tripod Adapter are Included
    • GigE Models Also Available

    FLIR Grasshopper®3 High Performance USB 3.0 Cameras
    • Feature High Resolution, High Sensitivity Sensors
    • High Frame Rates Driven by USB 3.0 Interface
    • Includes Image Capture Software and SDK

    Lumenera INFINITY Microscopy Cameras
    • Ideal for Life Sciences, Clinical, and Industrial Applications
    • USB Plug & Play
    • Powerful Capture and Analysis Software Included
    • PC & Mac Compatibility

    PixeLINK® USB 2.0 Microscopy Cameras
    • Perfect for Microscopy Applications
    • Features Include Live Measurement and Overlay Ability
    • Up to 6.6 MegaPixel Resolution

    PixeLINK® USB 3.0 Autofocus Liquid Lens Cameras
    • Seamless Integration of Liquid Lenses
    • One-Push Autofocus, High Speed Focus Movement
    • Easy to Use USB 3.0 Interface

    PixeLINK® USB 3.0 Cameras
    • Resolutions Up to 14MP
    • Sensor Sizes from ½" to 1.1"
    • Right Angle Housing and Board Level Configurations Available

    PixeLINK® USB 3.0 Microscopy Cameras
    • Easy-to-Setup USB 3.0 Technology (Cable Included)
    • Up to 15 MegaPixel Resolution
    • Include Extensive μScope Standard Microscopy Software

    PixeLINK® USB 2.0 CMOS Cameras
    • 0.3 to 6.6 MegaPixel Color/Monochrome CMOS Arrays
    • External Trigger and General-Purpose Output Controls
    • Out of the Box Functionality
    • FireWire.a and GigE Versions Also Available

    USB Digital Microscopes
    • 10 – 200X and 500X Magnifications Available
    • Polarizer, UV, VIS, and IR Models
    • Measurement and Comparison Software Included


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