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Laser Polarization

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    Design Wavelength DWL (nm)
    Fresnel Rhomb Retarders
    TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. Learn More
    Fresnel Rhomb Retarders
    • Broadband Performance with <2% Retardance Variation
    • 12.7mm and 25.4mm Options Available
    • λ/4 and λ/2 Retardance Options
    Achromatic Waveplates (Retarders) Achromatic Waveplates (Retarders)
    • Multiple Wavelength Ranges Available
    • Flat Response Over Each Broad Spectral Range
    • λ/4 and λ/2 Retardance
    • Mounted in Black Anodized Aluminium Housing
    Brewster Windows
    TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. Learn More
    Brewster Windows
    • Reduce Loss of P-Polarized Light
    • Circular Profile When Oriented at 55.57°
    • Great for Use in Laser Cavities
    Free-Space Optical Isolators New
    Free-Space Optical Isolators
    • Up to 67 dB Isolation for Ultimate Stability
    • Up to 92% Transmission for Maximum Power
    • 4.7mm Input Aperture
    Glan-Type Polarizers Glan-Type Polarizers
    • Broadband Performance from 200 – 2300nm
    • High Extinction Ratios up to 200 000:1
    • High Laser Damage Thresholds up to 5 J/cm2 @ 1064nm
    High Energy Laser Line Plate Polarizers Clearance
    High Energy Laser Line Plate Polarizers
    • 355nm Version
    • 56° Angle of Incidence
    • High Damage Threshold
    Thin Film Laser Line Polarizers
    TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. Learn More
    Thin Film Laser Line Polarizers
    • High Extinction Ratio of 10,000:1
    • 45° Angle of Incidence
    • Available for Nd:YAG Harmonics and HeNe Wavelengths
    Infrared (IR) Wire Grid Polarizers Infrared (IR) Wire Grid Polarizers
    • Designed for Wavelengths Ranging from 2 - 30μm
    • Various Substrates Available
    • 360° Rotation Using Metric Polarizer Mounts
    Lyot Depolarizers Lyot Depolarizers
    • Turn Polarized Light into Non-Polarized Light
    • Designed for Polychromatic Light
    • UV to IR Wavelength Range
    Meadowlark Optics Polarimeter Meadowlark Optics Polarimeter
    • Absolute Degree of Polarization Accuracy ≤1%
    • Broad Wavelength Range from 450 to 1100nm
    • No Moving Parts for Vibration Free Operation
    Precision Zero Order Waveplates (Retarders) Precision Zero Order Waveplates (Retarders)
    • λ/4 and λ/2 Retardance
    • Excellent Angular Field of View
    • Birefringent Polymer Stack
    • High Damage Threshold of 500 W/cm2
    Quartz Waveplates (Retarders) Quartz Waveplates (Retarders)
    • Zero Order and Multiple Order Waveplates
    • λ/4 and λ/2 Retardance
    • Mounted in Black Anodized Aluminum Frame
    • Zero Order Polymer Waveplates Also Available
    Radial Polarization Converters Radial Polarization Converters
    • Converts Linear Polarization to Radial or Azimuthal
    • Can be Used to Create an Optical Vortex or Doughnut Beam
    • High Damage Thresholds of 20 J/cm@ 1064nm, 3.5ns
    Rochon Polarizers Rochon Polarizers
    • Multiple Polarization Materials Available
    • Ordinary Rays Pass Through Undeviated
    • Extraordinary Rays Deviate
    Ultrafast Thin Film Polarizers Clearance
    Ultrafast Thin Film Polarizers
    • Ideal for Ti:Sapphire and Ytterbium Doped Lasers
    • Up to 0.3 J/cm2 @ 200 fs @ 800nm Damage Thresholds
    • Optimized for the Separation of the S and P with Minimal Dispersion
    Wollaston Polarizers Wollaston Polarizers
    • Multiple Polarization Materials Available
    • UV to IR Ranges Offered
    • Large Deviation of Ordinary and Extraordinary Rays

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    Laser Optics

    Laser Polarization components are utilized for various polarization needs. Laser Polarizers are used to isolate specific polarizations of light or to convert unpolarized light to polarized light in a variety of laser applications. Laser Polarizers use a range of substrates, coatings, or a combination of the two to transmit a specific single polarization state. Laser Polarization components are used to modulate and control polarization in many applications including simple intensity control, chemical analysis, and optical isolation.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Laser Polarization components including Glan-Laser Polarizers, Glan-Thompson Polarizers, and Glan-Taylor Polarizers, and Waveplate Retarders. Specialized polarizers are also available, including Wollaston Polarizers and Fresnel Rhomb Retarders. Edmund Optics additionally offers several varieties of Depolarizers to convert polarized light into random light.

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