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UV Lamps and Accessories

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UV LED Torches UV LED Torches New
  • Rugged Compact Design
  • Small Spot Size
  • Rechargeable Battery
Ultra-High Power UV Curing System Ultra-High Power UV Curing System
  • 4mm Beam Diameter for Focused Curing
  • 365nm Center Wavelength
  • Up to 5.5W/cm2 UV Irradiance
UV Curing Pens UV Curing Pens New
  • Wireless, Battery Powered UV LED Pen
  • 365nm and 395nm Center Wavelengths
  • Up to 2W/cm2 UV Irradiance
UV Light Detection Labels UV Light Detection Labels New
  • Self-Adhesive UV Light Detection Labels
  • Permanent Record of UV Light Exposure
  • Ideal for UV Disinfection, Curing, and Detection Applications
Handheld UV Curing Lamps Handheld UV Curing Lamps
  • 4-Watt and 6-Watt Models Centered at 365nm
  • Stands are Available for Hands Free Curing
  • Portable, High Intensity Design
UV Pencil Lamp Field Packs UV Pencil Lamp Field Packs
  • Lightweight, 9V Battery Powered UV Pencil Lamps
  • Interchangeable 254nm and 365nm Lamps
  • Ideal for Spectral Calibration in Spectroscopy Applications
Flexible Thin Film UV Filters Flexible Thin Film UV Filters
  • Virtually Transparent, Flexible Polyster Filter
  • Deep-Dyed PET Substrate to Absorb UVA, UVB, and UVC Rays
  • <10% Transmission Below 390nm
Pre-Mix White Reflectance Coating Pre-Mix White Reflectance Coating
  • Reflectance Value >97%
  • Usable from UV Through Near-IR
  • Suitable for Coating Metal and a Variety of Other Materials
UV Curing Chamber UV Curing Chamber New
  • Up to 250mW/cm2 Output @ 365nm
  • Large 30cm2 Curing Area
  • Plug-and-Play with Controllable UV Power
UV Protective Eyewear UV Protective Eyewear
  • High Visible Light Transmission
  • Provide Protection from 254 to 365nm
  • Spectacle Design
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