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Test Targets

Test Targets are used to measure the accuracy or performance of an imaging system to ensure effective functioning. Test Targets are selections of slides or windows that are integrated into imaging systems to measure a number of imaging characteristics including resolution, distortion, or color/grayscale. Test Targets often feature an array of lines, dots, or other patterns which an imaging system focuses on in order to determine its level of precision. Test Targets allow imaging systems to maintain a high level of accuracy over time or multiple applications.

Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Test Targets suited for many imaging systems. Test Targets are designed to easily integrate into an imaging system for quick, easy setup. Test Targets may be used repeatedly with any number of different systems, allowing a small number of targets to service large numbers of imaging systems. Test Targets are available in glass, chrome, or photographic paper for multiple compatibility options for ease of use.

Resolution Test Targets | View All


High Resolution Microscopy Slide Targets
  • Small Pattern Sizes - 100nm and 3300 lp/mm
  • Composed using High-Precision E-Beam Lithography
  • Negative Pattern Design

1951 USAF Contrast Resolution Target
  • 15 USAF Targets Which Vary in Density
  • Allows Resolution Measurements at Different Contrast Levels

1951 USAF Glass Slide Resolution Targets
  • Negative and Positive Patterns On Glass
  • Two Sizes Available
  • Each is Boxed and Includes Resolution Value Chart
  • High Resolution Target Available (down to 645 lp/mm)

1951 USAF Photographic Paper Resolution Targets
  • Arranged on a 4:3 Aspect Ratio to Measure Resolution as a Function of Field
  • Each Section Contains Four USAF Targets of Varying Density Levels

Clear Optical Path USAF Target
  • Determine Resolution for X-Ray, UV, Thermal, and Far-IR Imaging Systems
  • Easy Mounting
  • Ideal for Transmittance Applications

High Precision Ronchi Rulings
  • Chrome on Glass
  • High Tolerance
  • Superior to Etched and Filled Rulings
  • Lines Parallel to Edge
  • English and Metric Versions

I3A/ISO Resolution Test Chart
  • Complies with the ISO 12233 Standard
  • Offers Full Field Resolution Calibration
  • Applicable to Both Monochrome and Color Cameras that Deliver a Digital or Analog Video Signal
  • Three Sizes Available

IEEE Target
  • Full Field Resolution Calibration
  • Designed for Testing of Analog Imaging Systems

NBS 1963A Resolution Target
  • Negative or Positive Patterns
  • Complies With NBS Standard 1010A
  • Frequency Range From 1-512 Cycles/mm

Opal Glass Ronchi Ruling Slides
  • Chrome on Opal
  • Test Resolution of Reflective Systems
  • High Tolerance

Precision Ronchi Ruling Glass Slides
  • Used for Evaluation of Resolution, Field Distortion, and Parfocal Stability
  • Ideal for Reticle and Field Calibration Requirements
  • Available on Float Glass, Fused Silica, Fused Silica with Fluorescent Backing, and Opal.

Precision Ronchi Rulings on Opal Glass
  • Chrome on Opal
  • High Tolerance
  • English and Metric Versions

Sinusoidal Targets
  • Designed for MTF Testing
  • Determines Image Quality of Imaging Components

Star Target
  • Ideal for Detection of Focus Errors and Astigmatism
  • 0.6 to 14 lp/mm Wedge Spacing
  • Available on White Photographic Paper or Chrome on Glass

Star Target Arrays
  • Detect Aberrations at Various Field Points

USAF 1951 and Dot Grid Target
  • USAF 1951 Elements 0 to 3 (14 lp/mm)
  • Fixed Frequency Grid on 2mm Centers
  • 2” x 2.75”

USAF Pattern Wheel Target
  • Tests Resolutions from 4 to 228 lp/mm
  • Ability to tests Multiple Field Points using 9 Targets
  • Reduces Testing Time

UV Fused Silica and Fluorescent USAF 1951 Resolution Targets
  • Designed for Calibration of UV or Fluorescence Microscopes
  • Fluorescent Targets have 365nm Excitation Wavelength, 550nm Emission Wavelength
  • Negative and Positive Targets Available

Variable Frequency Targets
  • 5 lp/mm to 120 lp/mm or 5 lp/mm to 200 lp/mm
  • 1mm Wide Step Size
  • 5 lp/mm Step Increments
  • Used to Calibrate Video Systems
  • Inspect Unknown Resolutions

Distortion Test Targets | View All

Concentric Square Target
  • For Calibration of Measurement Software
  • NIST Traceable Certificate of Accuracy Included
  • 1mm to 50mm Squares

Checkerboard Calibration Targets
  • Chrome Pattern on Dimensionally Stable Glass Substrates
  • Optimized for Reflective Illumination Calibration of Imaging Systems
  • Various Sizes from 20mm for Small or Large Field of Views

Diffuse Reflectance Grid Distortion Targets
  • Diffuse Reflectance Treatment Mimics Ceramic Targets
  • Chrome Pattern on Substrate
  • No Glare with On or Off Axis Lighting
  • Perfect for Front Illuminated Measuring

Fixed Frequency Grid Distortion Targets
  • New Sizes Available
  • For Calibration of Imaging Systems
  • NIST Certificate of Accuracy Included

Line Grid Target
  • Test and Correction of Distortion in Vision Systems
  • Calibration of Perspective Error in Microscope Stages
  • Measure Physical Field of View

Multi-Frequency Grid Distortion Targets
  • For Calibration of Imaging Systems
  • Varying Spatial Frequency for Different Fields of View
  • NIST Certificate of Accuracy Included

Image Analysis Test Targets | View All

DOF 5-15 Depth of Field Target
  • Test Depth of Field of Your Imaging System
  • Effective Measurement Eliminates the Need for Calculations

Dot and Square Calibration Target
  • Designed for Measurement Calibration
  • Positive or Negative Chrome Patterns on Glass
  • High Contrast Target for Imaging with Elements from 0.5 to 10mm
  • NIST Traceability Certificate Included

Dual Axis Linear Scale Stage Micrometer
  • Dual Axis Design
  • English and Metric Scales
  • NIST Certified Version Available

EO Machine Vision Stage Micrometers
  • NIST Traceable Certificate of Accuracy Included
  • Ideal for Quick Calibration of Vision Systems
  • Durable Storage Case Included

EO Telecentricity Target
  • Critical Tool for Measurement Vision Systems
  • Calibrates Any Type of Lens
  • Covers Large Range of Magnifications

Image Analysis Micrometer
  • Designed for Measurement Calibration

Kodak Imaging Chart
  • Over 18 Test Patterns
  • 8 ½" x 11" Film

Micro Line and Dot Standard Stage Micrometer
  • New Opal Version Available
  • Calibrate Pixel Dithering
  • Lines and Dot Range from 2μm to 100μm

Multi-Function Calibration Target for Low Magnification Systems
  • Calibrates Systems from 0.08X to 4X
  • Measures MTF, DOF, Resolution, FOV, and Distortion
  • NIST Certificate of Accuracy Included

Multi-Function High Magnification Calibration Targets
  • Designed for Measurement Calibration; Ideal for Microscopes and Machine Vision Systems
  • Includes Ronchi Rulings, Concentric Circles, Square Grids, and a Linear Microscale
  • Two Targets Available for Different Magnifications
  • NIST Certificate of Accuracy Included

Multi-Grid Standard Stage Micrometer
  • Calibrate Distortion in High Magnification Systems

Color and Gray Level Test Targets | View All

Color Checkers
  • Test True Color Balance
  • Include Natural, Chromatic, Primary, and Gray Scale Colors
  • 24, 30, 50 or 140 Scientifically Designed Patches

Color Scanner Test Target
  • Ideal for Evaluation of Color Flatbed Scanners

NIST Traceable Color Transmission Calibration Slides
  • 24 Calibrated Colors Patches
  • Patch Diameters from 150 to 4150µm
  • Compatible with Oil Immersion Objectives

EIA GrayScale Pattern Slide
  • Video Calibration
  • Permanent Density Standard
  • Evaluate/Compare the Dynamic Range of Cameras

ISO-14524 Reflective Camera Contrast Chart
  • Determines Dynamic Range of Cameras
  • 12 gray level patches

ISO-21550 Dynamic Range Film
  • Used to Determine Optical Density Range of Transmission Scanners and Imaging Systems

Large Grayscale Target
  • 15 Density Steps
  • Logarithmic Grayscale

Reflective Scanner Test Target
  • Complies with the ISO 16067-1 Standard
  • Designed to Test Digital Scanning Systems

Spectralon® White Balance and Diffuse Reflectance Targets
  • Diffuse Reflectance with 99% Nominal Reflectance in UV-VIS-NIR Wavelength Range (350 – 1600nm)
  • Durable, Stable, and Washable
  • NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate and Data from 250 – 2500nm


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