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Laser Optics Products

Edmund Optics® designs and manufactures laser optics coatings, components, and assemblies optimized for high-power laser systems.


Optical Coatings

Edmund Optics® designs and deposits coatings with a high laser damage threshold (LDT) through advanced process control and monitoring of manufacturing parameters, including cleanliness and coating repeatability. Lead times are as fast as two weeks for standard coatings.


Custom Manufacturing

Our engineers design and fabricate custom laser optics including mirrors, crystals, lenses, filters, polarizers, prisms, beamsplitters, beam expanders, aspheric lenses, focusing objectives, and more in both prototype and volume production quantities.


High Laser Damage Thresholds

Edmund Optics® has over 30 years’ experience producing high LDT optics. An in-house laser testing lab allows for internal process improvement and verification of laser damage threshold. Ultraviolet, visible, infrared, and ultrafast laser sources are employed to test optics in a wide range of use cases.

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Metrology Capabilities

Metrology Capabilities

Edmund Optics® uses a wide variety of state-of-the-art metrology technologies to ensure that all specifications are met. Our in-process metrology capabilities include cavity ring-down spectroscopy, white light interferometry, non-contact 3D profilometry, and much more. An in-house laser testing lab allows for internal process improvement and verification of laser damage threshold.

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Laser Line Mirrors Laser Mirrors
Laser Windows Laser Windows
Laser Lenses Laser Lenses
Laser Lenses Laser Crystals
Beam Expanders Laser Beam Expanders
Reflective Objectives Reflective Objectives
Laser Filters Laser Filters
Beamsplitters Laser Beamsplitters
Prisms Laser Prisms
Laser Polarizers Laser Polarizers

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