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    Motorized Stages

    Zaber™ High Precision Motorized Stage Systems
    • High Accuracy, Compact Designs
    • Integrated Motor and Controller
    • Easily Configurable in X-Y or X-Y-Z Configurations

    Zaber™ Vacuum-Grade Motorized Linear Stages
    • Daisy Chain With Other Vacuum-Grade Devices Inside Vacuum Chamber
    • Built-In Controller Minimizes Integration Time
    • Vacuum Compatible to 10-3 torr

    Zaber™ Long Travel Motorized Stages
    • 150mm and 300mm Travel Options
    • Controlled Manually or via RS-232 Serial Interface
    • No Adapter Required for X-Y-Z Configurations

    Zaber™ Motorized XY Microscope Stage
    • 100 x 120mm Travel
    • 12μm Full Travel Accuracy, 2μm Repeatability, and Up to 85mm/s Speed
    • Supported by μManager Open-Source Microscopy Software

    Zaber™ Vertical Translation Stage

    Zaber™ Motorized Rotary Stage System
    • High Resolution with 360° Continuous Rotation
    • Integrated Motor and Controller
    • Controlled Manually or via RS-232 Serial Interface

    Zaber™ Motorized Goniometers
    • Lightweight, Compact Designs
    • Provide Precise Rotational Movement
    • Includes Required Accessories

    High Precision Compact Motorized Stages
    • Closed Loop Design Provides High Repeatability and Accuracy
    • Sub-Micron Resolution Translation
    • Can Be Stacked Using Adapter Kit

    Piezo Positioning Stages
    • High Precision Piezo Stages
    • Stick-Slip Designs
    • Ultra-Fine Control

    Microscope Objective Nanopositioning System
    • 100μm Range of Motion
    • 1.5nm High Resolution Positioning
    • Interchangeable Quick Mount Adapters


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