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    Wavelength (nm)
    Illumination Mode
    Type of Illumination

    LED Ring Lights

    LED Ring Lights are used to provide even, radial illumination around an imaging lens for optical or imaging applications. LED Ring Lights are mounted around an imaging lens, directing light towards an examined object. LED Ring Lights produce uniform, directly positioned light that is ideal for reducing shadows or providing even illumination to non-reflective objects. Compact versions of standard LED Ring Lights are also available for smaller sized imaging lenses or for inspecting small objects.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide selection of LED Ring Lights that produce brightfield as well as darkfield illumination. Brightfield illumination features direct or slightly angled light shone upon an examined object that is ideal for most standard illumination needs for non-reflective objects. Darkfield illumination is achieved by shining glancing illumination upon an object. Darkfield illumination shows surface inaccuracies, scratches, or other imperfections upon an examined object making it ideal for inspection or quality assurance applications.

    Adjustable LED Ring Lights
    • Easy to Access Lens Array for Quick, Manual Adjustment of Illumination Emission Angles
    • Included Interchangeable Windows Allows for Easy Adjustment of Light Diffusion
    • Integrate Polarizer Accessory for Glare Elimination

    Advanced Illumination Brightfield/Darkfield LED Ring Lights
    • Hybrid Diffuse Brightfield and Darkfield Illumination
    • Can Be Used Independently or Simultaneously
    • Fixed Intensity or Strobed Options

    Advanced Illumination Darkfield LED Illuminators
    • Ideal for Visually Enhancing Surface Defects
    • Useful for Front or Back Illumination
    • 5" Versions Have Variable Intensity

    Advanced Illumination EuroBrite™ Ring Lights
    • 52mm Inner Diameter
    • Requires No Heat Sink
    • Available in White, Red, and Blue

    Advanced Illumination Extended Working Distance LED Ring Lights
    • 3 - 9" Working Distance
    • Provides 2" Coverage
    • Variable Intensity and Strobed Options

    Advanced Illumination High Intensity Ring Lights
    • Slim Profile to Ease System Integration
    • High Brightness LEDs
    • Multiple Size, Wavelength, and Working Distance Options

    Advanced Illumination Standard Working Distance LED Ring Lights
    • 4" Working Distance
    • Provides 1.7" Coverage
    • Variable Intensity and Strobed Options

    Banner Industrial LED Ring Lights
    • Ideal for Working Distances from 0.15m to >2m
    • Potentiometer Option Allows Intensity Control
    • Optically Isolated Strobe Signal

    Compact LED Ring Lights

    LED Ring Light Illuminators
    • Large Inner Diameters for Easy Mounting
    • 6400K Color Temperature
    • Sectional Light Control and Polarizer/Analyzer Models Available

    Ring Light Filter Thread Adapters
    • Compatible with LED Ring Lights
    • Common Filter Thread Sizes Available
    • Allows for Easy Integration of LED Ring Lights


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