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LC (Low Cost) Fixed YAG Beam Expanders

Low Cost Beam Expanders

LCht Fixed YAG Beam Expanders

Compact Design for Easy Integration

Diffraction Limited Performance at Design Beam Diameter

AR Coated for Nd:YAG Laser Wavelengths: 355nm, 532nm and 1064nm

2-Element Galilean Design

Custom Magnifications and Wavelengths Available

LCht (low cost high transmission) Fixed YAG Beam Expanders are simple 2-element, cost-effective solutions to beam expansion. In laser-based systems it’s often required to expand the beam diameter either to fill a desired aperture or to reduce the divergence in the system. The LCht Beam Expanders were designed with diffraction limited performance and cost effectiveness in mind. The simple Galilean designs and custom options available allow for many possibilities across various applications and OEM integration.

LCht Beam Expander Lineart
LCht Beam expanders are used to expand collimated beams, resulting in a larger, less divergent beam.

Product Overview Video

Technical Specifications

TECHSPEC® LCht Fixed YAG Beam Expanders
2X #37-046 #37-047 #37-048
3X #37-049 #37-050 #37-051
4X #37-052 #37-053 #37-054
5X #37-055 #37-056 #37-057
6X #37-058 #37-059 #37-060
7X #37-061 #37-062 #37-063
8X #37-064 #37-065 #37-066
10X #37-067 #37-068 #37-069


  Can I use a LCht Fixed YAG Beam Expander in reverse?
Yes, while beam expanders are designed to provide a larger beam output, they can be used in reverse. With a larger power, such as 5X, issues with increased divergence may appear.
  Can I use a LCht Fixed YAG Beam Expander with a spatial filter?
Yes, adding a beam expander after a spatial filter in a laser system produces a larger and spatially-clean collimated beam.
  My beam diameter is larger than 1mm. Can I still use the LCht Fixed YAG Beam Expanders?
All of the LCht Fixed YAG Beam Expanders will allow for a larger input beam diameter. The limit for input beam diameter is listed in the specifications for each beam expander option.
  Are Zemax files for the LCht Fixed YAG Beam Expanders available?
Yes, prescriptions are available for all LCht Fixed YAG Beam Expanders.
  Are wavelengths other than 355nm, 532nm, and 1064nm available?
Yes, custom options are available for the LCht Fixed YAG Beam Expanders. Contact our technical support to discuss your specific requirements.
  Do the LCht Fixed YAG Beam Expanders have a specified laser damage threshold (LDT)?
No, the laser damage threshold is not specified for the LCht Fixed YAG Beam Expanders. If you require a laser damage threshold, please contact our Applications Engineers to ensure you choose the best beam expander for your application.
  How would I use one of the LCht Fixed YAG Beam Expanders to reduce the divergence of a beam by a factor of 2?
The divergence reduction from a beam expander is equivalent to the beam expander power. To reduce the divergence of the beam by a factor of 2, choose a 2X LCht Fixed YAG Beam Expander for your system.
  Is information available on the internal optics of the LCht Fixed YAG Beam Expanders?
Information on the internal optics is available upon request. Please contact our Applications Engineers for assistance.
  How can I mount the LCht Fixed YAG Beam Expanders?
All of the LCht Fixed YAG Beam Expanders have M22 x 0.75 mounting thread. There are M22 x 0.75 adapters available for Male C-Mount and Male M30 x 1.0 on the product pages.
  I thought beam expanders increased a laser beam's size. How can that help me get a smaller spot?
A beam expander is designed to provide larger collimated beams in order to decrease spot sizes at large distances. Not only will the beam size be increased by a specific factor, but the beam divergence will also be decreased by the same factor. The result is a smaller spot size at a longer distance when compared to what the laser could produce itself. Our application note, The Advantages of Beam Expanders can provide a more detailed explanation.

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