Polishing and Coating of Laser Crystals and Glasses

  • Polishing and Coating of a Wide Variety of Crystals and Laser Glasses

  • Round, Rectangular, and Zigzag Form Factors Available

  • High Laser-Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT) Coatings


Edmund Optics® is an industry leader in laser crystal and glass polishing and coating. Our Florida facility works with a wide variety of materials including YAG, YLF, YALO, KTP, LBO, BBO, YVO4, PPSLT, PPLN, and phosphate-doped glasses. Our precision polishing processes improve coating adhesion, minimizing losses and increasing LIDT.

Laser crystal and doped glass slabs are some of the most popular gain media in solid-state laser sources. They are often doped with transition metal or rare earth ions that amplify input laser light through stimulated emission. Non-linear crystals are used for frequency conversion of laser sources. Laser crystals benefit from less absorption, a narrower emission bandwidth, higher transition cross sections, and higher thermal conductivity compared to doped glasses and other gain media. What can we make for you?


Our expert manufacturers are skilled at planning for optimal material usage throughout cutting, polishing, and coating.

Standard Laser Crystal and Glass Capabilities*
Dimensional Tolerance ±0.1mm
Clear Aperture 90% of Diameter
Surface Quality 20-10
Parallelism of Polished Surfaces <1 arcmin
Parallelism of Tilted Ends <3 arcmin
Perpendicularity <30 arcmin
Surface Figure λ/8 at 632.8nm Over the Clear Aperture
Protective Chamfer Not to Encroach on the Clear Aperture
Materials Can be Coated: Nd:YAG, Er:YAG, Cr:YAG, CTH:YAG, Nd:YLF, Tm:YLF, Ba:YLF, Cr:LiSAF, KTP, RTP, RTA, Alexandrite, Yb:KGW, ZGP, Cr:ZnSe, Fe:ZnSe, Nd:YV04, TGG, Co:Spinel, Er:YSGG, Cr:YSGG, Ti:Sapphire, LBO, BBO, LiNbO3, PPLN, and MgO:PPLN
Can be Cut and Polished: Nd:YAG, Er:YAG, CTH:YAG, Nd:YLF, Tm:YLF, Ba:YLF, Cr:LiSAF, KTP, RTP, RTA, Alexandrite, ZGP, Cr:ZnSe, Fe:ZnSe, Nd:YV04, TGG, Ti:Sapphire, LiNbO3, PPLN, and MgO:PPLN
*Contact us to inquire about tighter specifications.

Manufacturing Equipment

  • Dicing machines
  • Continuous, double-sided, and single-side oscillatory polishers
  • E-beam coatings with ion-assisted deposition (IAD)


  • Cary 7000 spectrophotometer
  • Perkin Elmer Frontier Optica spectrophotometer
  • Digital microscopes

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