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Edmund Optics®’s Achromatic Singlet Lenses as one of Laser Focus World’s Top Photonics Technology Picks 2021

1/27/2022, Mainz, Germany   —

Edmund Optics®' (EO) TECHSPEC® Achromatic Singlet Lenses were selected as one of the top photonics technology picks of 2021 by “Laser Focus World” – one of the oldest trade magazines that focuses on laser and photonics. The magazine annually awards the top 20 photonics technology picks that are enabling advances in optics and photonics and represent important achievements. EO is proud to be part of this selection.

TECHSPEC® Achromatic Singlet Lenses correct for chromatic focal shift by making use of a unique lens geometry rather than two distinct materials. These achromats are manufactured from Zeonex E48R substrates and feature diamond-turned aspheric profiles. These singlet lenses outperform traditional achromatic doublets by a factor of three and plano-convex (PCX) singlets by a factor of nearly 40, in terms of chromatic focal shift, making them ideal for broadband focusing applications as well as ultraviolet (UV) applications where optical cement is undesired.

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Edmund Optics® (EO) is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of precision optics, optical assemblies and image processing components with headquarters in the USA and manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Asia and Europe and sales representatives around the globe. EO has a very large inventory of optical components for immediate delivery and offers products, standard or customized, in small quantities but also in volume for various industries. Request a quote or place your order through the website or contact us via phone +44 1904788600 or email [email protected] by reference to our catalogue.

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