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Tucson Advanced Design
and Assembly Facility

  • Advanced Assemblies Requiring Active Alignment, Electronics Integration, and/or Environmental Ruggedization

  • Advanced Design and High-Volume Manufacturing Services

  • Officially AS 9100 and ISO 9001 certified | View certificate

  • Cleanroom Assembly and Advanced Testing for MTF, Stray Light, Thermal Cycling, Shock and Vibration, and More

  • Commercial and ITAR-Compliant Facility

The Edmund Optics® Tucson Advanced Design and Assembly Facility offers superior and sophisticated design and assembly services. At 22,284 sq. ft (2,070 m2), this state-of-the-art facility located in Tucson, Arizona features 2,195 sq. ft (204 m2) of ISO Class 6 cleanrooms for assembly, 800 sq. ft (74 m2) of ISO Class 7 cleanrooms for incoming inspection, an ISO Class 5 Precision Cleaning Line, and numerous testing capabilities such as modulation transfer function (MTF), straylight, laser beam profiling, thermal cycle, shock, and vibration.

Our skilled team of optical assembly technicians has extensive experience with high-performance systems in cleanroom facilities. U.S.-based customers now have access to more sophisticated commercial and ITAR compliant offerings at a regional location on the West Coast, in addition to other Edmund Optics facilities, domestically and internationally.

Regional Capabilities & Expertise

Precision Optical Assemblies and Systems

Advanced optical assemblies designed for applications in machine vision, laser processing, and a number of technologically advanced industries require extremely precise manufacturing practices to achieve the most accurate specifications possible. Several of these techniques include active alignment for lens centering, point source microscopy for MTF testing, free-space optical system testing, far-field laser co-alignment and boresight testing, and double pass telescope testing.

   Complex Imaging Lens Assemblies

   Opto-Electronic Assemblies

 Beam Delivery Systems

   Microscopes, Telescopes, and More

Precision Optical Assemblies and Systems

Areas of Expertise

The Tucson Advanced Design and Assembly Facility was built to provide exceptional quality of service at every stage in the product development lifecycle. From design to full-scale production, our team of expert designers, project managers, and manufacturing engineers have solutions to even the most demanding applications. Facility personnel have exceptional experience in:

   Rapid Prototyping

   Scale-Up and Volume Manufacturing

   Active Alignment

   Precision Cleaning

   Cleanroom Assembly

   Testing and Certification

Precision Optical Assemblies and Systems

Specialized Testing Includes

Manufacturers of cutting-edge technology not only require the most accurate and precise manufacturing standards; they require the most advanced testing equipment for quality assurance metrology. Trusting that manufacturers can guarantee the highest level of quality starts with being able to test the highest level of performance. The Edmund Optics Tucson Advanced Design and Assembly Facility is able to measure component-to-system-level performance for optical systems.

Specialized Testing

Design & Engineering

Global Staff

Global Staff of Over 150 Engineers and Scientists

Broad Design Expertise

From UV to Visible to NIR, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR


Emphasis on Designing for Manufacturability – from Prototype to Volume Production


Excel at Imaging, Projection, and Visual Systems


Used to Challenging Envelope Requirements

Optical Analysis

Well-Versed in Complex Optical Analysis, Including Stray Light Analysis

Design and Engineering
Edmund Optics® Tucson Advanced Design and Assembly
2650 E. Elvira Rd, Ste 102
Tucson, AZ 85756 USA
ISOISO 14644

Class 6 and 7 Clean Rooms

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