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1064nm Laser Line Coated Fused Silica PCX Lenses

  • <0.25% Reflection at 1064nm for Fiber and Nd:YAG Applications
  • 5 - 50mm Diameters Available
  • 10 - 250mm EFL Designs Available
  • 405nm, 532nm, 633nm, and 1550nm V-Coated Options Offered

TECHSPEC® Laser Line Coated Fused Silica PCX Lenses are available in a variety of laser line V-Coat AR coating options. Designed for maximum throughput at the specified laser wavelength, these lenses are ideal for applications utilizing low power HeNe, Diode, and Nd:YAG laser sources. With a maximum reflection of <0.25% per surface at the design wavelength, the lenses will provide superior transmission in applications utilizing multiple optical components.