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UltraFast Innovations (UFI) 45° AOI Ultrafast Chirped Mirrors

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  • High Reflectivity and Negative Group Delay Dispersion (GDD)
  • Ideal for Dispersion Compensation and Beam Compression @ 45° AOI
  • Designs for Femtosecond Lasers, Including Ti:sapphire

UltraFast Innovations (UFI) 45° AOI Ultrafast Chirped Mirrors are designed with a 45° angle of incidence for compression or dispersion compensation of ultrafast beams during beam transport. These ultrafast mirrors have a multilayer magnetron sputtered coating optimized to provide a negative group delay dispersion (GDD) and high reflectivity from 725 to 1000nm. They also feature laser grade substrates with high surface quality to minimize light scatter and low irregularity, allowing for reflected ultrafast pulses to maintain their optical power and intensity. UFI 45° AOI Ultrafast Chirped Mirrors are ideal for pulse compression and dispersion compensation of ultrafast pulses from femtosecond lasers, such as Ti:sapphire, during beam transport. Please contact us if your application requires an Ultrafast Chirped Mirror with a custom angle, size, or design wavelength.