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Cage System Adjustable Plates

Rotary Mount, M6, #85-658

Rotary Mount, M6, #85-658 Rotary Mount, ¼-20, #87-529 #85-663 #85-722
  • Specialized Plates Designed to Hold and Position Optics
  • Anodized Aluminum Construction with Stainless Steel Screws
  • X-Y Micro Positioning Plate with RMS Mounting Thread

TECHSPEC® Cage System Adjustable Plates are used to integrate optical components into the TECHSPEC Cage System while providing rotary, tip-tilt, or linear adjustment. Rotary Mounts are available with M6 or ¼-20 mounting threads and are designed to fit within the inner diameter of 25mm cage system plates. The Kinematic Cage Mounting Plate is compatible with 30mm cage system plates and enables kinematic adjustment of cage system assembles. The X-Y Micro Position Stage Plate also has 6mm rod holes, and features a 7mm clear aperture, X-Y micro-positioner, and an RMS threaded mount for precision mounting alignment.