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Handheld UV Curing Light Sources

  • Up to 5.5W/cm² UV Irradiance
  • 365nm and 395nm Center Wavelengths
  • Available as Wired or Wireless Devices

Handheld UV Curing LED Light Sources provide a range of output powers and beam diameters to best suit the user’s application. UV curing pens #17-319 and #20-617 are wireless, handheld, and battery powered devices that provide UV irradiance up to 2W/cm² with up to 2 hours of battery life. UV curing lamps #26-821 and #12-679 are wired, handheld devices that provide adjustable UV irradiance up to 1.4W/cm² or 5.5W/cm² respectively. The wired lamps can be operated through either a button located on the handheld spot light or with an included foot pedal. Handheld UV Curing LED Light Sources are ideal for UV curing, sterilization, or fluorescence of stained gels in optical workshops and laboratories.

Note: Due to the high power of the UV curing lamp #12-679, we recommend using UV Protective Eyewear during operation. Speak with your health and safety manager to ensure you are selecting the proper PPE for your application.