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High Contrast Plastic Linear Polarizers (XP42-200)

  • Excellent Extinction Ratio of 9000:1
  • Increased Durability through Lamination on PMMA
  • High Transmission of Unpolarized Light from 400 – 700nm

TECHSPEC® High Contrast Plastic Linear Polarizers (XP42-200) are ideal for a variety of imaging applications. Offered in multiple sizes, these linear polarizers feature an excellent extinction ratio and high transmission of unpolarized light from 400 – 700nm. The plastic substrate results in a lightweight polarizer, ideal for weight constrainted applications. TECHSPEC® High Contrast Plastic Linear Polarizers (XP42-200) offer increased durability compared to polarizing film.

When unpolarized light enters a linear polarizer, the light that is polarized perpendicular to the polarization axis is absorbed, and light parallel to the polarization axis is transmitted. TECHSPEC® High Contrast Plastic Linear Polarizers (XP42-200) utilize a stretched PVA film to create the polarization axis. To increase durability, the film is then laminated between two plastic plates.

Note: These linear polarizers are not recommended for laser applications. Custom Options are available on request. More about our polarizer and retarder capabilities can be found here.

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