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LH Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses

  • Compatible with APS-H (35.5mm) and 35mm Full Frame Sensors
  • 120 MegaPixels, 2.2µm Pixel Size Sensors
  • Large format Lenses for APS-H Sensors (LH)
  • Ultra-High Resolution Large Format Lenses

TECHSPEC® LH Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses are designed for 120 Megapixel sensors in an APS-H format. The LH Series are the first large format lenses to truly support the 2.2μm pixel size featured on the Canon 120MP CMOS Sensor. These ultra-high resolution lenses work with APS-H sensors (35.5mm diagonal) and also on larger 35mm full frame sensors (43.3mm diagonal). TECHSPEC LH Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses provide a solution for the ultra-high resolution requirements of machine vision and many factory automation and display inspection applications. F-Mount or TFL-II Mount versions are available.