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Mitutoyo Compact Objectives

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Mitutoyo Compact Objectives

Mitutoyo Compact Objectives 3X Mitutoyo Compact Objective, #56-990
  • Long Working Distances Allow for Integration into Machine Vision Measurement Systems
  • Small Size with Excellent Performance
  • Long Working Distances
  • Easily Integrates with C-Mount Cameras

The Mitutoyo Compact Objectives are ideal replacements to commercial and biological grade microscope objectives. An optimized compromise between physical size, numerical aperture, and working distance leads to diffraction limited performance at a fraction of the size and cost of their infinity-corrected counterparts. These objectives are easily integrated into C-Mount imaging systems with our Mitutoyo C-Mount Camera Tube #56-992. Higher powers are available in a larger package design, please contact our Applications Engineering Department for more information.

Edmund Optics is the main source for Mitutoyo Objectives. Place your orders now for these in demand quality products.

Technical Information

Magnification Working Distance A B C D E Stock No.
1X 73.7mm 36.3mm 5.0mm 26.0mm 25.0mm 30.0mm #56-988
2X 92.0mm 18.0mm 12.0mm 22.0mm 25.0mm 30.0mm #56-989
3X 77.8mm 32.2mm 5.0mm 26.0mm 25.0mm 30.0mm #56-990