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Risley Prism Mount

Risley Prism Mount, #33-431

  • Compact, Robust Mount for Beam Steering Applications Using Risley Prism Pairs
  • Manually Steer a Beam to any Angle up to ±2 Times the Individual Prism Deviation Angle
  • Optimized for Prisms with Wedge Angles Ranging from 0 to 26 Degrees
  • Mount Can be Used with Either a Single or Pair of Wedge Prisms

The TECHSPEC® Risley Prism Mount has been designed to conveniently mount 25mm diameter wedge prism pairs, also called Risley prism pairs, in a precision manual beam steering configuration. The mount accepts the full range of wedge prisms offered at Edmund Optics® and allows the user to easily tailor the design of the beam steering parameters to meet specific requirements. The TECHSPEC® Risley Prism Mount offers independent rotational control of each prism and works for steering applications requiring one or two wedge prisms.

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