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Self-Contained Argon-Ion Lasers

  • Ultra-Compact Single Unit with Internal Power Supply
  • Lower Cost per mW of Power
  • Single and Multi-Line Models with Dual Channel Air-Cooled Design
  • Rear Mounted Power Output Control Knob

This line of air-cooled Argon-Ion lasers provides a stable, high quality output beam from a rugged yet efficient package. The wavelength options make these lasers ideal for a variety of scientific and OEM applications. The maintenance-free sealed mirror laser tube is ruggedly supported for exceptional resistance to vibrations and rough handling. Embedded dual cooling fans, combined with an exclusive “Dual Channel” airflow design, provide quiet and highly efficient cooling of the laser tube while isolating the state-of-the-art power supply from potential airborne contaminants. The beam shutter is controlled by a springloaded switch. Remote control of laser function can be achieved via a built-in interface port.

The Argon-Ion Multi-Line laser with wavelength selectable output features a filter wheel assembly allowing the user to select 1 of 3 popular Argon Lines (457nm, 488nm, 514nm) or multi-line output.

Note: If fiber-coupling is required with the selectable wavelength unit stock #58-453, please contact our Engineering Department.