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Telecentric Lenses

#21-069: 0.274X In-Line Illumination CobaltTL Telecentric Lens

#21-069: 0.274X In-Line Illumination CobaltTL Telecentric Lens

  • Eliminate Parallax Error in Machine Vision Applications
  • Sensor Sizes Supported From 1/2” to Full Frame
  • Magnifications Ranging From 0.05X to 8X

TECHSPEC® Telecentric Lenses eliminate parallax error and magnify or minify images for machine vision applications. With a wide range of sensor sizes, magnifications, and working distances, these telecentric lenses can be integrated into a variety of imaging systems. Telecentric lenses produce high levels of contrast yielding maximum image quality with an excellent degree of measurement accuracy. TECHSPEC® Telecentric Lenses offer in-line options, as well as various mounting types, and are ideal for applications including machine vision, metrology, automotive and electronic inspection, measurement, and gauging. This product family is a collection of best-selling telecentric lenses, please see the list below for additional technical details.

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