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VIS 0° Coated Double-Concave (DCV) Lenses


TECHSPEC® VIS 0°  Coated Double-Concave (DCV) Lenses are designed to have two inward curved surfaces and a negative focal length similar to Plano-Concave (PCV) lenses. These lenses can be used for balancing aberrations created by other lenses within a system due to their negative spherical aberration. Double-Concave (DCV) lenses are commonly used in a variety of applications including image reduction, beam expansion and telescopes TECHSPEC® VIS 0° Coated Double-Concave (DCV) Lenses are best used in 0° angle of incidence situations and provide optimized transmission in the 425nm – 675nm range. These lenses are also available Uncoated, VIS-EXTMgF2VIS-NIRNIR I, or with NIR II AR coating options.