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Articulating Arm Mounting Systems

  • Mount and Set in Unique Orientations
  • Mix and Match for Custom Mounting Combinations
  • Lockable Angular Positioning

Designed for reaching into areas not easily accessible with standard ¼-20 mounting, these "arms" can be positioned in any angular setting (180°) via the ball-pivot assembly. A total 360° rotation can be achieved by tilting/turning the knuckle about the shaft. Position can be locked into place with the easily handled knob or with the tamper-resistant set screw (Allen Key included). Applications range from mounting optical assemblies to fixturing cameras. Individual components are available as well as One-arm and Two-arm packages. One-arm package includes two knuckles and one shaft. Extended One-arm package includes three knuckles and two shafts for added reach and range. Two-arm package includes four knuckles and two shafts for separate arm requirements, such as alignment of dual branch fiber optic light guides. Nylon washers provided with knuckles to avoid scratching anodized surfaces. Additional hardware pins (not included) are available.

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