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C-Mount Helicoid Barrels

C-Mount Helicoid Movement Barrel, #11-131

C-Mount Helicoid Movement Barrel, #11-131
C-Mount Helicoid Movement Barrel, #11-131
  • Compatible With 12.5mm, 15mm, and 25mm Diameter Optics
  • Male and Female C-Mount Threads
  • Provides Linear Travel Without Rotating Optical Components

TECHSPEC® C-Mount Helicoid Barrels provide smooth helical movement with precision controlled focusability to a system, without rotating the mounted optical component. These barrels are ideal for easy integration into any C-Mount system, such as Tube Systems or Imaging Systems and are available for mounting 12.5mm, 15mm, and 25mm diameter optics. These barrels feature a small maximum linear travel of 16mm for the 12.5 and 25mm versions, and 7.5mm maximum travel for the 15mm mounted optic version.

Note: TECHSPEC 15.0mm Diameter, C-Mount Helicoid Barrel (#54-392) requires two optional accessory retainer rings (#54-395) for fixing the optical element. There are also available adapters for mounting 15mm achromatic relay lenses and high-performance relay lenses (#54-394 and #54-721, respectively). To mount multiple optics into the TECHSPEC 12.5mm Diameter, C-Mount Helicoid Barrel (#57-649), please use the accessory retainer ring #59-240.

Note: Accessories are required for operation and sold separately. The adapters thread into the helicoid’s inner barrel. One retainer ring is required to position the lens adapters, or two can be used to maintain a fixed position. Two 1.5mm wide slots are provided on each accessory to accommodate a spanner wrench. Two retainer rings can also be used to hold a TECHSPEC® lens with a 15mm diameter in place.

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