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Close Focus Zoom Lenses

10X (13 - 130mm FL) C-Mount, Close Focus Zoom Lens, #54-363

  • Large Zoom
  • Close Focus Capability
  • Broad Field of View Range

Close Focus Zoom Lenses are ideal for multipurpose applications that need both close focus and wide fields of view. The lenses offer variable apertures, to adjust the depth of field. Filter threading allows the use of filters to adjust incoming light levels with ND filters, or increase contrast with color filters on monochrome sensors, and more. Close Focus Zoom Lenses are economical and compact, and these lenses have many features that make them a perfect choice for a variety of uses. These zoom lenses feature 10X magnification and are compatible with C-mounts. 

Note: #58-240 Close Focus Zoom Lens can be used for working distances from 127mm to infinity, where its field of view would be 8 - 48mm (horizontal for 2/3" sensors) at minimum working distance.