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Coherent® Fan-Cooled Thermopile Sensors

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Coherent® Fan-Cooled Thermopile Sensors

  • Designed to Measure Laser Power up to 300W
  • Ideal for Applications where Water-Cooling is Not Possible
  • Compact Size for Portability and Use in Field Applications

Coherent® Fan-Cooled Thermopile Sensors are an excellent option for measuring high-powered lasers in environments where water-cooled thermopile sensors cannot be used. The fan cooling system makes it possible for these thermopile sensors to provide continuous power monitoring of lasers up to 300W. Additionally, the large 50mm aperture size allows for easy laser alignment for quick data acquisition. Coherent® Fan-Cooled Thermopile Sensors feature a compact size and easy set up procedure, making them ideal for use in the field or production testing. The high power resolution of these sensors ensures that accurate measurements are made for their large range of accepted laser powers.

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