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Colored Glass Diffusers

Colored Glass Diffusers

Colored Glass Diffusers

  • Colored Glass Filter Substrates
  • 120-Grit Sandblasted Surface
  • Red, Blue, and Green Options

Colored Glass Diffusers are ideal for applications where diffuse, colored illumination is required. These diffusers feature color glass filter substrates that are 120-grit sandblasted on one side to create a diffuse, light scattering surface. Each diffuser exhibits the same transmission and blocking bands as their colored glass filter substrate. Colored Glass Diffusers provide the versatility of using a single white light source in an optical setup and swapping diffusers to create diffuse, colored illumination at different wavelengths as opposed to using multiple LEDs. Please contact us if your application requires a Colored Glass Diffuser with a custom colored glass filter substrate or size.

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