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Compact Mirror & Lens Mounts

TECHSPEC® Compact Mirrors & Lens Mounts

TECHSPEC® Compact Mirrors & Lens Mounts


TECHSPEC® Compact Mirrors & Lens Mounts facilitate integration and alignment of optics into post-mounted benchtop systems that require a common centerline height. All mounts utilize base 25.4mm optical centerlines, which increase by standard 12.7mm increments with larger mounts. This standardization ensures that mechanical and optical axes are aligned without additional adjustment when used with TECHSPEC Mounting Posts and Pedestal Posts. Available with 8-32 or M4 mounting threads, these mounts work with both metric and English systems. TECHSPEC Compact Lens Mounts are compatible with C-Mount, S-Mount, and T-Mount Circular Optic Mounts when mounting within the 16mm, 30mm, and 48mm diameter mounts. The compact footprint of these mounts makes them ideal for applications within space-restricted systems.

Note: Optical Centerline will shift slightly down when using metric sized optics in English sized mirror mounts.

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