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Dovetail Optical Rail Systems

75mm Width, Dovetail Carrier, #55-340
50mm Width, Dovetail Carrier, #55-341

36" Length, Dovetail Optical Rail, #54-402

1.5" Width, Dovetail Carrier, #55-339

2.5" Width, Dovetail Carrier, #54-404

75mm Width, Dovetail Carrier, #55-340

0.5" Width, Dovetail Carrier, #54-403

12" Length, Dovetail Optical Rail, #54-401

50mm Width, Dovetail Carrier, #55-341

  • Wide Range of Carrier Length and Mounting Hole Options Available
  • Low Profile Design with Smooth Movement
  • Increased Stability and <1mrad Straight Line Accuracy

Dovetail Optical Rail Systems are designed for easy and stable installation and positioning of various optical components along the same axis. The rails feature slotted holes that allow them to be fixed to standard ¼-20 TPI and M6 breadboards or optical tables. Carriers are available with different lengths and hole patterns to meet various mounting needs including options that are directly compatible with our TECHSPEC® Manual Stages for precision alignment. Carriers utilize a unique two-piece design to prevent the locking screws from contacting the rail and to allow easy attachment and removal. All Dovetail Optical Rail System parts are constructed of black anodized aluminum to minimize stray reflections or glare.

Note: Rails and carriers are sold separately.

Technical Information

Stock No. L A B C D # Slots # C'bores
#54-401 12 6 4 3
#54-402 36 18 16 4 6 5 2
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