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Flat Top Holographic Diffusers

Flat Top Holographic Diffusers

Flat Top Holographic Diffusers

  • Shape Input Light to a Homogenized, Flat Top Profile
  • Rectangular Output Beam Pattern
  • Available Mounted in 25 or 50mm Protective Rings

Flat Top Holographic Diffusers shape collimated input light into a homogenized, flat top intensity profile. These diffusers are designed to operate from 400 to 1600nm with a 45° x 35° full-width half max (FWHM) angle, producing a rectangular output beam pattern. They are mounted in 25 or 50mm protective rings facilitating their use with standard optical mounts for easy integration into benchtop optical systems. Flat Top Holographic Diffusers are ideal for integration into LIDAR, heads up displays (HUDs), time of flight, 3D sensing, and machine vision applications.

Note: Matte surface should face the light source.

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