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Focusable Alignment Laser Diode Modules

Focusable Alignment Laser Diode Modules

  • Integrated Systems with Drive Electronics and Optical Element
  • Adjustable Focus or Line Generator Versions Available
  • Regulated Output Power
  • Standard 3 Pin Design

These Focusable Alignment Laser Diode Modules are available with output powers ranging from 1 - 3mW. They combine a laser diode with driver electronics in one complete system. The integrated optical elements provide an adjustable, focusable output spot or 120° line option, depending upon the version purchased. Simply apply 2.5V DC to input pin 1 for operation. Their simple operation and miniature footprint make them ideal for a wide range of industrial applications including laser marking, prototyping, and measurement.

Note: These products are not CDRH Certified. They are sold solely as components for lab prototype use or for user-developed and user-certified systems.

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