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Half-Penta Prisms

  • Deviates Line of Sight by 45°
  • Combine with Schmidt Prism to Create Schmidt-Pechan Prism
  • Penta Prisms Also Available

Half-Penta prisms are used to deviate the line of sight by 45° without inverting or reverting the image. The reflecting surface is aluminized and over-coated with Inconel and black paint to increase efficiency. Combining a TECHSPEC® Half-Penta Prism with a corresponding size TECHSPEC® Schmidt Prism creates a Pechan prism pair. The Pechan prism pair will invert or revert the image while not deviating the line of sight. It can be used with converging or diverging light for system size reduction.

Half-Penta Prism Tunnel Diagram
Half-Penta Prism Tunnel Diagram

Technical Information

Stock No. A B C D
#65-587 10.00mm 10.82mm 2.07mm 14.14mm
#65-590 25.00mm 27.06mm 5.18mm 35.35mm