High Power Beam Dumps

  • 50W Max Input Power
  • Available in Metric and Imperial

These High Power Beam Dumps are able to trap beam outputs of up to 50W continuous wave (CW) lasers without the need for water-cooling. They are available in two aperture sizes: the 12mm aperture beam dump is able to handle the majority of beam sizes whilst the 52mm is able to handle expanded or more diffuse beams. Metric versions require an M6 post for mounting to a breadboard, imperial versions require a ¼-20 post for mounting. TECHSPEC® English and Metric Posts sold separately.

Technical Information

Stock No. Outer Diameter A B Aperture C D Thickness E
#67-364 42mm 20mm 12mm 20mm 40mm
#67-365 81mm 40mm 52mm 60mm 80mm