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I3A/ISO 12233 Resolution Test Chart

  • Complies with the ISO 12233 Standard
  • Offers Full Field Resolution Calibration
  • Applicable to Both Monochrome and Color Cameras that Deliver a Digital or Analog Video Signal
  • Three Sizes Available

This target is designed to test resolution of electronic still picture cameras, and complies with ISO 12233. Both monochrome and color cameras delivering an analog or digital output can be used with this test chart. The target can be employed to measure visual resolution, limiting resolution, and offers a simple method in obtaining spatial frequency response (SFR) data, which is similar to that of MTF measurements for a camera. Features on the chart range from 100 to 2000 LW/PH (line widths per picture height), which corresponds to the finest feature being 0.1mm. This test chart is offered in three sizes to accommodate a variety of cameras and lenses.

The 1X and 2X Enhanced Digital Camera targets are based on the ISO-12223 chart but have additional information. They can be used to determine reflective light resolution and imaging characteristics of digital still camera systems.

Test chart elements include:

  • Black border for defining active area
  • Center dual frequency zone plate for focusing purposes
  • 100-600 LW/PH and 500-2000 LW/PH hyperbolic wedges for measuring center and corner, horizontal and vertical visual resolution.
  • 100-1000 line square wave sweeps for measuring vertical and horizontal limiting resolution
  • Slightly slanted (@ 5 degrees) large black bars for measuring center horizontal and vertical SFR
  • 45 degree diagonal black square for measuring diagonal SFR
  • Slightly slanted small black squares for measuring vertical and horizontal SFR at extreme corners of field
  • Slightly slanted H-shaped bars for SFR at far sides of field
  • Slightly slanted square wave bursts for horizontal and vertical aliasing ratios
  • Slightly slanted thin long vertical line and horizontal line for checking scan linearity
  • 100-1000 LW/PH short black lines for vertical and horizontal pulse responses
  • Circle with cross and X for observation of scanning non-linearities
  • Checkerboard patterns for image compression artifacts

In addition to all of the ISO-12233 chart features, the enhanced digital camera target offers:

  • Extended resolution ranges. Standard center chart measures to 4,000 LW/ph and corner wedges measure to 2,000 LW/ph
  • Two Star Sector targets
  • Dark gray (8% R) 5° square on medium gray background (32% R) for reduced contrast SFR analysis
  • 5° slanted bar (5 x 30mm) for 1X chart
  • Short black lines (square wave sweep) 1200 to 3,000 LW/ph
  • Slanted short black lines (tilted square wave bursts) 1200 to 3,000 LW/ph
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