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InfiniProbe™ Microscopes

  • Available in Standard and Right Angle Versions
  • Focuses From Infinity to 32, 28, and 18mm Respectively
  • Max. Sensor Format 2/3"
  • Magnification From 2.5X to 8.0X
  • Direct Video C-Mount Coupling

The InfiniProbe™ Video Microscope series provides the advantages of a continuously focusable microscope in a compact design. Using the Dynamic Focusing System (DFS), the InfiniProbe™ is capable of focusing from infinity down to its specified minimum working distance. Detail and resolution grow as the magnification continuously increases. Entire objects can be hand-held and rotated while, at the same time, remaining completely in focus. Then, a specific detail may be zeroed in at truly microscopic magnifications. To increase the versatility of the InfiniProbe™ series, three models with magnifications of 2.5X, 3.2X, and 8X are offered. All magnification ranges are also offered in Right Angle versions. In addition to the three available magnification ranges, Infinity has created a 2X doubler tube (#39-686) that when combined with the InfiniProbe™, will increase the magnification to twice it’s stated value. InfiniProbe™ can be used with all C-mount and CS-mount video cameras.

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