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International Standard Microscope Objectives

  • For Use with RMS Thread Microscopes
  • AR Coated Optics
  • 4X to 100X Magnifications Available

Our full selection of microscope objectives can be used with all major brands of microscopes. Our matrix includes DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung) 45mm standard objectives. All optics are AR coated. DIN microscopes are configured for a 160mm tube length. DIN objectives can be interchanged, although the powers will not be equivalent (approximately 10% difference). All 20X to 100X objectives have spring-loaded (retractable) front ends in order to prevent slide damage. Oil immersion is recommended for all 100X objectives in order to achieve an NA higher than 1.0 (for typical use: low viscosity 150 cps, 0.5 oz. tube with nd=1.515).

Note: Clearance stock numbers have been discontinued. For the closest replacement, please contact us.

Technical Information

DIN Objectives - Achromatic
Magnification A B C
4X 23mm 24mm 21mm
10X 44.3mm 24mm 21.5mm
20X 47.5mm 24mm 22mm
40X 48.5mm 24mm 22mm
60X 48.1mm 24mm 22mm
100X 48.5mm 24mm 22mm

DIN Objectives - Micro-Plan
Magnification A B C
4X 34.3mm 25mm 21.5mm
10X 42.4mm 25mm 23mm
40X 48.1mm 25mm 23mm
100X 48.7mm 25mm 23mm

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