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Laminated Neutral Density (ND) Filter Film

Laminated Neutral Density (ND) Filter Film

  • High Rigidity and Durability
  • Anti-Reflection (AR) Coated to Reduce Glare
  • Easy to Handle and Mount

Laminated Neutral Density (ND) Filter Film is manufactured from laminated Kodak Wratten 2 Neutral Density (ND) Filters with an additional single side anti-reflection (AR) lamination to increase rigidity, durability, and ease in handling. Available in multiple sizes, this filter film is compatible with our standard optical mounts and modular mounting components. Storage in humid environments can cause the filters to cloud. Do not exceed temperatures beyond 50°C for extended periods of time.

Note: Density and transmission values are for unlaminated filter film. Lamination typically changes optical density by less than ±0.1 OD. View curves for specific performance data.

Laminated Neutral Density (ND) Filter Film features an anti-reflection (AR) coating to reduce glare and reflection with little impact on overall optical density. Typically, Wratten filters are delicate and difficult to handle, complicating mounting and system integration. Applying an AR coating to a single side of the filter film increases rigidity and durability, allowing for more size offerings, and easing mounting and system integration.

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